The most exciting part of designing your new bathroom isn’t just the fixtures… it’s the bathroom tile design and in Perth, there are many options available.  We’ve provided some bathroom tile tips to help you choose the right tiles for your new bathroom.

Tiles are the base, the skin if you will of any bathroom renovation. The tiles you choose will need to bounce or absorb light to create the feel you desire from warm and bright to spacious and everything in between. Of course, they also need to be functional, easy to clean and high quality. But what they don’t need to be, is boring. 

There are so many different bathroom tile options that will open up the smallest of spaces and create a decadent place to rejuvenate. From the design, the tiles are installed in and the choice of substrate, tile finish and colour. 

Bathroom Tile Ideas

So let’s talk about bathroom tile ideas for your new bathroom. Something industrial yet classically contemporary is the New York-style subway tile. These tiles are surprisingly cheap, superbly practical, and pack a punch in design that can give even the tightest of spaces something special. Subway tiles are a great tile for open showers and bathtub designs. Floor to ceiling subway tiles come in a vast array of colours and using coloured grout for that extra pop takes this tile choice to a new level. The other brilliant thing about a subway tile is their shape and size make them a great choice for apartments with low ceilings. 

Large-format tiles from floor to ceiling are a fantastic way to may the most of a pitched roof, or high ceiling. Even just up the wall with the highest ceiling point in a tight space will instantly create an open feel. 

Large-format tiles on bathroom walls may seem extreme, but those fabulous mirror-like shining porcelain tiles on your walls will bounce light and create the most opulent feel. 

A large-format marble look porcelain tile will make you feel like you have stepped into 5star getaway. The downside of this tile choice, is you need to ensure the right tiler does the job, large format wall tiles are not easy to work with and require skill to ensure the finished job is done correctly. As long as you have the right tiler, you won’t regret this tile choice. 

So many tile options! Another creative choice is natural stone tiles. Travertine stone tiles are one of Australia’s most popular, but what most fail to consider is using it to create an open shower. This tile comes in a wide range of natural shades and finishes. 

Bold and natural texture, coupled with the right fixture will bring the outdoors inside. Floor to the wall and on the ceiling! This tile is the most environmentally friendly to produce, is very easy to cut, which makes it perfect for use in obscure and oddly shaped spaces. Adding a skylight above your natural stone open shower will create a whole new level of light, warmth, colour and feel. 

Grout Choice in Bathroom Designs

Most people don’t think about grout choice in their bathroom design. But, the reality is that your choice of grout colour will completely transform your bathroom. For instance, those seemingly simple Subway tiles we mentioned earlier, take a classic white coloured subway tile and use a black grout to give a very modern edge to a contemporary design and the rest of your bathroom can be very simple with minimal extras and basic fixtures, or bold features and fixtures, either way, you won’t fail and your bathroom design suddenly becomes something very special. This choice also adds value to your home without being too risky in colour. Particularly if you’re renovating to sell or on a tight budget.

When it comes to those large format tiles, using a grout colour that blends with your choice of tile colour will further enhance the seemingly endless space this tile choice offers. For instance, whether you have a black tile with a black grout or a white tile with white grout, this makes the finish appear seamless, again adding to the sense of space and without interrupting the mirrored effect a large format porcelain tile offers. 

Consider what you want your finished design to look like and talk to your tiler about the grout colour choice. 

Tiling Patterns

Tiling patterns, what is that? Well, we mean the pattern in which the tile is installed. From a herringbone pattern to a mosaic tile laid in a design that offers a feature. The options are honestly limitless. 

A mosaic splashback will offer a feature in any space but is particularly nice in a small bathroom. Mosaic tiles can be expensive, but when used as a feature wall in a shower from floor to ceiling, suddenly your guests will feel like they are on a luxury escape when they step into your bathroom.

Another option is to lay the tile in multiple colours, and a pattern on floors or walls. 

Tiles can be laid in many different styles and patterns. Do a little research, and remember tiles don’t need to be boring and almost anything is possible. Being bold never hurt anyone! 

For all your Perth tiling design needs contact Tailored Tiling for honest and expert advice. We pride ourselves on our experience and quality workmanship.