Often looking at how to design your own bathroom space is daunting, particularly on a budget, and with limited space. So, how do you gain bathroom design inspiration? 

How do you find ways to maximize space and the resources you have available when choosing your bathroom design? 

It’s all good and well to like something you see somewhere else, but how do you design something that works for you and your space?

Well, there are a few hints and tips that can help guide you. 

Start with a Vision Board

Firstly the best place to start is with a vision or mood board. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can print pictures you like and colleague them on a wall or create an online vision board. There are great apps for this, such as: 

  • Pinterest
  • Caroma
  • Canva
  • PicMonkey 

By doing this you can get a feel for which colours and textures work well together, and most importantly what makes you feel good. Feeling good about your choice is key, so go away and come back to your vision board with fresh eyes and consider how you’re feeling, to ensure you’re still loving the elements you have selected. From there you can start to choose your tile and layout. 

When looking at bathroom design ideas, try to look also at bathroom renovations that are a similar size or shape as yours. 

Bathroom Key Design Elements: 

Now that you have gone back and forth with your vision board, it’s time to pick the key bathroom design elements. This means considering:

  • Space
    Use online 3D design tools, like design CAD or RoomSketcher, by using the measurements of your space to help you decide on the layout.  
  • Light
    Using mirrors and your choice of materials will help to create, bounce, and absorb light. Consider floating basins in front of a floor-length mirror to create more light and space.
  • Ventilation
    A boring element, but a must to consider. Adding a Skylight can create great ventilation in a small space and allow light in an otherwise dark and damp area.
  • Features
    Every bathroom can showcase at least one key feature, this could be your tiling, your bathtub or shower recess, even your cabinets.
  • Materials
    Your choice of floor and wall covering will be the skin of your overall design, consider using multiple textures to create space, light, and luxury.
  • Storage
    Do you need storage? If so this will play a role in your overall design. Storage can be functional as well as purposeful. Ikea has a great bathroom design tool that incorporates storage.

Next, make a list! At the top right-hand corner of your list place your budget. Your budget is your bathroom renovation God, it will dictate what you can and can not have or do. 

Making a list will help you decide and be inspired by your vision board and now that you understand your key elements, you can pull all of that into a list. 

Bathroom Display Inspiration

Sometimes a picture isn’t worth a thousand words, some of us want to see real-life samples for inspiration. Take a trip to places like Home Base in Subiaco, Bunnings, and Ikea in Innaloo. These places offer the opportunity to see bathroom design displays, look at key features, fixtures, and materials. 

Some places also offer samples and additional places to be inspired. 

So before you commit to a tiling company in Perth, or attempt the renovation yourself, get inspired, and build a design that makes you feel good, is practical and adds value to your home. 

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